About Us

Mom Boat Life is owned and operated by Dave and Lynn, Lynn is a mother of two teens, a lifelong boater, and business sales professional. Lynn's daughter is currently attending the U.S. Coast Guard basic school (boot camp); and she will begin rescue swimmer training after boot camp.

Dave is a father of three adult children, and has been a resident of South Florida since 1969. He is a combat vet and former Green Beret who recently retired after 26 years of service in Army Special Forces. Dave owns and operates several charter vessels that support marine-specific TV and film productions. He obtained his first captains license in 1983.

As you can see from the info above, we are fully embedded in the family boating lifestyle. Mom Boat Life is a perfect fit for Fort Lauderdale, and for us. 

Known to many as the Venice of America, and often claimed as the Yachting Capital of the World. There is no greater density of year round boating enthusiasts than what is found in South Florida.

But we are not just focusing on Florida. Mom Boat Life is for moms and families on any body of water, anywhere. 

Why Mom Boat Life?

We've owned and operated our boats for business and pleasure in the Fort Lauderdale area since the early 80s. Much of our travel is to and throughout The Bahamas. During our travels we have met family after family who were cruising on their boats, renting day-boats, chilling out on paddle boards and kayaks, and of course, fishing and diving.

There was one thing missing in the equation. It seemed all the focus was on the captain and crew, with very little focus on one of the most important persons on the boat, MOM!

The fishing shirts and other gear have a predominantly male theme to them. Moms needed a style of their own. The needed their own colors. That's why Mom Boat Life was created. 

So after a great family trip to Bimini where we thought of and hashed out the outline of Mom Boat Life, we went hard to work on bringing the brand to market.

We are just beginning. We will be partnering with others to host special events, raft ups, fishing tournaments and other activities. We will also be adding more items to our online store. 

Come aboard, and make every day a Mom Boat Day!